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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Knitter's Paintbox

It must be over a year ago that I spotted the Festive Fish afghan in the Babies and Toddlers book from XRX. It features a tessellating fish pattern - the fish nest inside one another. There are awesome examples of this blanket around the internet and I want to knit it so badly! But... I can't decide what kind of color scheme to do. Random/scrap yarn is one way to go, but I kind of want to plan mine out.

But then... I took another look in the book to check out something about the pattern and I saw a little note in the corner that said "web features, Knitter's Paintbox"....

Will you check this out!?! You can paint your own Festive Fish afghan!! What an amazing tool to have available. They also have a bunch of other patterns from their magazines and books on there!! Mom was trying to figure out what colors to do for this scarf - she spent the whole of her Friday afternoon on it and still couldn't decide. Imagine the time saved by playing around on the computer! A selection of patterns from the latest Knitter's Magazine are on there (#K89) as well as some from previous issues.

This is going to be FUN! I'm planning my fish afghan as we speak!

Have fun with the string,

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