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Friday, April 4, 2008

Do you hear that clicking?

What IS that?!?

OH! It's Mom, Carol and Ann knit, knit, knitting away! I have a big finished project update for you so I'll give you the Kid/Baby stuff first for the cuteness factor.

My mom knit the same pattern twice (when she finds a good thing she takes advantage of it!)
Baby Cardigan from Plymouth Leaflet #1180
Size 16" chest (6 months?) smallest size
Online Holiday Color #997 (sock yarn), 1 ball
Yarn Cost: $14 Button Cost: $.75

This pattern was written for Plymouth Sockotta, but my mom wanted to see what some of the other yarns looked like. Now we have a new line from Online of Summer cotton colors and some new bright Opal sock yarn and I want to make one myself! You could make this little sweater in any fingering weight or sock weight yarn.

Baby Cardigan from Plymouth Leaflet #1180
Size 16" chest (6 months?) smallest size
Crystal Palace Panda Cotton, 2 balls green, 1 pink mix
Yarn cost: $20.70 Button cost: $3.25

Even though this is knit with little stitches on little needles, you KNOW my mom wouldn't do it TWICE unless it knit up quick and easy.... Panda Cotton is a great summer yarn for kids because it's breathable, has elastic in it and is machine wash!

Embellishments can make even the simplest cardigan shine.
The Flower Cardigan, from Itty-Bitty Nursery by Susan Anderson
Size 0-6 months
Brown Sheep Serendipity Tweed, 1 skein, scraps for embellishments (or 2 balls of Scarlett, 1 ball of La Gran Mohair)
Yarn cost: $8.50 for Sweater, more if you need to buy the yarn for embellishing

This cute little Blanket Buddy was knit by Carol. It is, indeed, a One Skein Wonder.
Blanket Buddy from 101 Designer One Skein Wonders
Plymouth Encore Colorspun Boucle, 1 ball (scraps for embroidery)
Yarn Cost: $5.79

The very same day this yarn came in, my mom grabbed it to make this sample (it's a beautiful yarn)
Red Maracas Jacket from Miss Bea's Band by Louisa Harding
Size 1-2 years
Mirasol Samp'a, Naturally Dyed Organic Cotton, 5 balls, scraps for embroidery
Yarn Cost: $27.96 Button Cost: $3.90

Finally, a dress for your special girl:
Sweet Pea from Minnowknits, too by Jan Eaton
Size 1 year
Butterfly Super 10 Cotton 2 skeins, Hotaru 2 balls (if you only want 1 ball of hotaru you will have enough butterfly to finish the dress)
Yarn Cost: $29.48 1 ball of hotaru, $38.98 2 balls Button Cost: $3.30

That wraps it up for the kids (at least until my mom comes in this afternoon)

Have fun with the string,


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