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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Debbie's May Basket

My Mom made a May basket as part of the May Day celebration on Main St that was organized by the village association. We've decided to keep it hanging up for a while - isn't it beautiful?

The flowers came from various designs, Mom even made up some of them herself. The bird is Lucinda Guy Pattern from Handknits for Kids. She spent a LOT of time shaving off the felting fuzz and sewing beads onto the various flowers. Here are a bunch of photos for your enjoyment & if you're in the area stop by to see it in person!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jen & Debbie!

I got to see the basket in person and it is AWESOME! I also saw a picture of it in the Falmouth Enterprise! Great job it is absolutely gorgeous!

Lisa Shan

Jan said...

Debbie - Quelle Artiste! I LOVE the hanging fuschia flowers and the... and the... WOW!
:-O Jan H

Mindy said...

It turned out beautifully! What a lovely work of art!