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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Renovation Complete!

Happy New Year to you, and Happy New Store to US!
We're really excited to have completed our renovation of the store during last week while we were closed. The new carpet went down, David put in a new ceiling and it is brighter, cleaner and much more easier to get around.

Here is a quick photo tour of our brand new Sage Yarn:

This is the view from the front door:
The first yarns in front of you are the sparkly novelty things but you quickly move into lace weight and sock yarn. All of the yarns are grouped according to their thickness to make it easier for everyone to find substitutes for the yarns listed in their patterns. All of the worsted yarn is in the same area, all of the sock yarn is together, and so on.

Here is our new cash wrap/counter:
The display case houses our enamel buttons, Lantern Moon Sock Stix needles, and the Debby Ware kits right now. It is on the opposite wall from where it was before! It will be easier for us to greet you when you come in and you can come in and browse without bumping immediately into the register.

Here is the view from the register where we would be standing:

In the center of the store we have a garment rack like you would see in a clothing store. While we still want to have things on display hanging on the walls we all felt it was very important that we got a bunch of our samples down where you can touch them and pick them up and try them on. Behind the garment rack you can see the Encore and Galway is still in bookcases but it won't be there for long. We got our display units in the mail today and they will go on the shelf this week. They are more shallow than the bookcases and will open up the space even more.

Here is an example of a yarn display:

There are rainbows everywhere! This section in particular is part of the DK section. We've tried to arrange all the yarn so it is more spread out and thus easier to see. When it's all piled on top of each other you can barely make out what is what, let alone make a decision about what you want to buy! So we hope this helps make your shopping easier and more enjoyable.

On the to-do list:
  • Signs! We are keeping our signature labels with gauge, fiber content and yardage information and adding in informational postings. I also want to put a selection of patterns on display with their correspond yarn.
  • Displays! - My mom set up the new window display but I have yet to hang everything up on the walls. I have a pile of poor, neglected socks waiting to be hung with the sock yarn. It will be done over the course of this week.
  • Education! Classes will be scheduled for March and beyond in the next week and posted on the website. Now that we have more space we will be setting up more classes and advertising them. Let us know if you have any requests.
  • Events! I have many ideas about events now that we don't have to move the gifts out of the way to hold them. Keep tuned in here and to the newsletter for news!
Well, that's it for today! I hope you'll get to stop in and see us soon. There's a sale coming up (good excuse to come check us out)
JAN 30, 31, FEB 1
Details: The usual super bowl sale, everything's a bargain!
With special GRAND REOPENING surprises....

See you soon,


Sharon said...

Congratulations! I'm a summer resident of Falmouth and look forward to seeing the new place.

Dee said...

Oooh! Finally a reason to be excited about Super Bowl Weekend!! :)

Season said...

Looks AWESOME Jen!

Pamela said...

Oh, it looks awesome! I can't wait to see it in person. I will be there Super Bowl weekend, for sure!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to going into my favorite yarn shop and now lessons, too! It just keeps getting better and better...

curleygirl said...

I'm so excited about more classes! My knitting goal for this year is to learn stranded knitting and complete a few Christmas presents with my new skills. Can you offer stranded knitting this spring?

Ruthanne said...

Looks WONDERFUL! Cannot wait to come visit!

J.Reilly said...

THANK YOU so much everyone! We're really excited about everything. Stranded knitting? Heck yeah! I'll be working on the schedule later today and the rest of this week.
See you soon!!!

Anonymous said...

It looks terrific Jen. Wishing you many happy hours of knitting classes with new and old fiends in your beautifully updated shop.

Carol said...

I am a former resident of Falmouth and my daughter lives in Sandwich. We spent alot of our weekends visiting your store. I know she will be there on Super Bowl weekend...I will be in when I come to the Cape but, in the meantime I see you have it set up so I can order on line....Just isn't quite the same thing but will have to do for now