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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mirasol March

Mirasol March
A sale to benefit the shepherd's children

Back in our Gift/Yarn store days one of the wonderful yarn lines that we fell in love with was the Mirasol project. The yarns were so high-quality and came in gorgeous colors. The pattern support was designed by renowned knitwear designer, Jane Ellison. And there is a human connection with this yarn... when you purchase this yarn you help children high in the Andes, whose parents tend to the alpaca herds of Mallkini ranch. Since then, the yarn and project has grown on us, and we wish to take the month of March to give the Mirasol Project the attention it deserves.

In this area of Peru, malnutrition and lack of education are a big problem. Children have to walk such a distance to even get to school that many do not attend. The Mirasol project has sought to better this situation by building dormitories and provide health care and meals for the children of the shepherds.
Mallard Mittens from Book 6

The Mirasol Project is also dedicated to "... the principles of Fair Trade where producers receive a price that covers the cost of sustainable production plus an extra premium that is invested in social or economic development projects."* While the yarn you purchase might be a dollar or two more than other yarns imported from Europe or South America, you can rest assured that the producers of these fibers are being compensated fairly and are actually supported by your purchase.

Since it's inception in 2005, the Mirasol Project has seen the construction of the dormitories and the implementation of health and education programs, but they still need your support. School, health and personal supplies, such as vaccines, toothpaste and books, are given to each student. Your purchase of these beautiful yarns will help with the continued success of the Project.
Ilapa from Book 3

Here at Sage, we would like to highlight this project and make it possible for you to spread the word about their wonderful products. Please consider purchasing some Mirasol yarn this month in support of the project. For every purchase you make over $30, Sage will take 15% off of your total. This discount does NOT discount the money that goes towards the project - it comes from our put-up cost. Also, if you are not local and would like to order yarn, we're unable to set up the discount on the website - give us a call and we'll take your order over the phone! 508-457-9513

Please email me if you have any questions about the yarn or anything at all:

The Mirasol Project has pattern support for every one of their yarns from knitwear designer Jane Ellison. From the Mirasol books you can find patterns for Men, Women, Children and your home. Scroll down for more photos from the books and click here to browse through the Mirasol pattern catalogue on the KFI website.

Hannah, in Hap'i from book 5

Solomon, in Samp'a from Book 5

Alhambra, in Tika from book 2

Charlotte, in Samp'a from Book 4

Stella in Samp'a from Book 5

Kallpa, in Tupa from Book 3

Ana, in Qina from Book 3
*quote taken from the Mirasol information leaflet.

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