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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Itty Bitty Holiday Projects

Starting tonight we're adding a Friday night knit/crochet night to the line up! I decided to call it "Itty Bitty Holiday Projects" in an effort to keep us motivated to keep working on those projects that just *need* to get done. So from 5:30-7:30 we'll be cozied up in the Sage Yarn classroom, working away on whatever we need to work on.

To get into the spirit this year we Sage kids are making lots of "mini" things... starting with these!

Mini Mittens
This clever mini mitten is a free pattern from the people at WEBS in promotion of their Valley Yarns. I used scraps of Encore DK from the leftovers pile and size 6 needles.
I picture these little mittens decorating a wreath or tree, or attached with a bow to a present or tied around a gift card. They also seem just the right size for an American Girl Doll's hands ;)
I found this pattern by searching ravelry's patterns for "ornament" - here is the ravelry entry for the pattern. You can find all sorts of mini things using the pattern search. Here, I found you some mini ice skates!These are crocheted using just bits of scrap yarn, over a metal paperclip. SO fun!

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