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Monday, January 28, 2008

You're invited... our giant SUPER yarn sale!!

This weekend, Feb 1st through the 3rd, every skein, ball and hank of yarn is on sale! I can't begin to tell you how excited I am about it (I hope you are, too)

Of course, David is doing all of the heavy lifting-type jobs - bringing all our back-stock out of storage and back to the store and entering in all the sale pricing information into our computer system. I've been doing some organizing, but mostly I've just been fretting over whether or not anyone is actually going to show up...

So - what's on sale?!

I can't list everything here but I can give you a general description:
  • There will be a FILL THIS BAG section, where you can fill our medium-sized shopping bag with any yarn from this section for only $25 total! With the retail prices on some of this yarn, you can potentially get a discount of almost 90%!! (I KNOW, we're CRAZY)
  • There will be yarn that we have chosen to no longer carry - very nice yarn that will have to make room for new very nice yarn. This includes some extra fine merino and beautiful cotton that will end up in my stash if you don't buy it (please, buy it! I have no more room!)
  • We will be selling off discontinued colors of yarn that we will continue to carry. This includes designer names such as Noro, but also occasional colors of yarns like Plymouth Encore.
  • Kits are included in the sale! We have Ironstone throw blanket kits, Debby Ware kits, Cashmere Scarf kits from GGH, and more all at 20% off
  • Selected books are 20% off - back issue magazines are 50% off and selected pattern leaflets are FREE
Well... that should be enough to whet your appetite I hope! (I really am starting to have bad dreams of standing around the store with the sale yarns all set up and NO ONE shows up... I had a party like that recently and don't wish to relive it...)

I hope we'll see you over the weekend!!
Have fun with the string,

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