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Friday, February 1, 2008

*Special Report*

We now bring you live to the already busy sales floor of Sage Gifts & Yarn in Falmouth MA...

The folks here at Sage really put in some prep time on this one - David did all the heavy lifting and brought in the extra furniture and yarn (give him a high-five when you see him)

One Sage employee was heard commenting, "Did we really have all this yarn? Where did it come from?! " They started setting up on Thursday before opening and stayed after close to finish up.
Here's whats on sale, for all you shoppers -
50% off Berroco books, 50% back issue magazines, FREE pattern leaflets with purchase,
all kits are 20% off:FILL our Medium-sized shopping bag for $25 with any yarn from the SUPER section:
This yarn is all 50% off! (there's some good stuff in here!)
And all the rest of the yarn in the store is 20% off:
Sage employees are bracing for a whirlwind weekend.... Stop by the store and get your own bag o yarn before it's alllllll gone!


jackie said...

The store was so busy when I was there today. I guess it was bustling all day. I got two great grab bags filled with lots of Lou Lou and other yarns. All the way home I kept looking at the receipt. I couldn't all the fantastic deals! Thanks for letting me lighten you yarn stash. Oh and as I told David and the woman at the counter...I talked my husband into coming to Falmouth from Natick because we needed to check on his mom(then I mentioned the yarn sale)...I am so glad I did that!

Good luck with the rest of the sale!

J.Reilly said...

Hi Jackie! Thanks for the well-wishes! We're glad you found yarn that you liked and I'm sure you're giving it a good home. My brother lives in Natick & comes down once and a while - not a bad drive, right? :-)