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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Keeping Warm

This New England winter is really giving us a lesson in keeping prepared! Dress in layers, remember your warm accessories and stash water-proof boots in your car....

Here's the latest round-up of finished projects - great for keeping warm in this unpredictable NE winter! (lots of photos, again!)
Keep your hands warm:

Polka Dot Puffin Mittens, knit by Jen
Puffin from Crystal Palace - col. 210 "Dotty Circus"
2 balls - yarn cost $13.80
Pattern - pick your favorite mitten pattern for chunky yarn (I googled it)Keep your body warm:
Noro Cropped Sweater, knit by Deb
3 balls Noro Silk Garden, col. 269,
6 balls Jo Sharp Desert Garden Aran Cotton, col. 245
yarn cost - $74.94
Pattern - "Rikissa" from Noro Book Wonderlust by Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton

Keep your head and neck warm:
Cozy Head Scarf, knit by Carol
7 balls Plymouth Yarn Alpaca Boucle, held double throughout
yarn cost - $41.93 (lots of yarn subtitutes make this great for any budget)
Pattern: Free from

Keep your little one warm:

"It's a Colorful Babe" Color Block Sweater, knit by Anne
6 balls Plymouth Suri Merino (one each of blue, orange, white, yellow, 2 of green)
yarn cost - $29.94
Pattern: "It's a Colorful Babe" from Creative Knitting Magazine, March 2008

Keep your little one's head warm:
Kyle's Cap, knit by Jen
2 balls Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille, col 405, yarn cost - $12.98
Pattern: Fiber Trends "Kyle's Cap" by Bev Gelaskas
(also found in the book Knit Baby Head and Toes)

Keep your little one entertained:
Lop-Eared Bunnies, knit by Carol
1 ball each color Berroco Comfort, yarn cost - $5.49 each
Pattern: Luxury Lop-Eared Bunnies from Creative Knitting Magazine March 2008

Keep your shoulders warm:
Reading in Bed Shrug. knit by Jen
2 balls GGH Soft Kid, col. 13, yarn cost - $25
Pattern: Free from Interweave Knits online

Stay warm and dry - spring is just around the corner!!

Have fun with the string,

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