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Monday, February 11, 2008


I have a proposal for you & need some feedback if you don't mind...
(In the Valentine's Day season saying the word "proposal" can make anyone's ears perk up!)

Have you ever hesitated to buy a yarn because you are afraid of how it's going to knit/crochet when you work with it?

I propose holding a YARN TASTING in early April
as a celebration of spring and a look forward to summer.

A yarn tasting would include:
  • balls of spring/summer yarns with a bit of knitting cast onto some needles
  • free handouts on yarn in general and what you can do with each yarn specifically
  • small snacks that don't get crumbs on the yarn
  • a yarn passport where each yarn is listed and you can mark down your personal notes as you go
  • a chance to socialize with some of the other Sage shoppers (I know if you all met each other you'd be good friends!)
What would we do?

Well, with all the yarns set up you could go around the circle, or down the aisles, and try a bit of knitting or crocheting on each yarn. In this way you can try out the new yarns and some old favorites without gambling any money on buying the skein (who knows, you could HATE it, right?) You could bring you yarn passport with you and make notes on whether you hated/loved/kinda liked it and what you imagine you could do with it (a tank for my little sister/a lovely shawl for myself). The passport would have all the vital stats of the yarn (the yardage, weight, knitting gauge, etc) so that you can take it home and contemplate your pattern selections and future yarn purchases. Handouts would include tips for working with certain fibers, trivia about the yarn or the company it comes from and other fun stuff.

Why else would you come?


Ok, here's what I need to know - would you make the trip out here on an evening in early April? Do you think it would be super fun or a super dud? How many of you would come? (we need to have an idea so I can get the goody bags ready) Would you add anything else to the offerings?

I'll probably put this in the newsletter also but let me know what you think - I need your help.
You can leave a comment here on the blog (at the bottom of this entry, click on comments) or email me

Thanks in advance & have fun with the string,


Kellie said...

This sounds like a great idea!

Jackie said...

I would love to do it but since I am one of those annoying summer people I don't think it would work. BUT if you want to give it another try in the summer when you bring in all those wooly warm winter yarns I would love to join. Plus the idea of meeting other knitter is exciting!

Katom Burke said...

i would be in ...and could likely bring a few buddies