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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Countdown to the yarn tasting!

Ok everyone, here's my final teaser for the Yarn Tasting! (more info by clicking here)

We stuffed gift bags today:
Look at all those mini-skeins of yarn. Enough for a little patchwork doll blanket? We have 10 kinds of yarn being displayed next week and you get a mini-skein of each....

As of right now there are very few gift bags left, so if you think you're coming next weekend make sure you email me at or give the store a call (508-457-9513) so that we save one for you! If you're not sure what is going on and you want to just "stop by" you can certainly do that too. You'll still get to try out all the yarns, munch on snacks and socialize with the other yarn people.

See you next weekend!


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