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Monday, April 21, 2008

Yarn Tasting Success!

Wow, what a super fun weekend!! It wouldn't have been any fun without all of you who came out to taste the spring and summer yarns - THANK YOU!! If you wanted to come but missed it, I'm hoping to have them seasonally so we can try out new yarns all the time. Keep your eyes here for future info!

Here are some photos from the weekend... as soon as people got here I got really busy so I don't have many photos of actual people :-) Here's what we had set up though!

Yarn! There were 10 yarns on display and mini skeins in the gift bags. The yarns were tasted on several different types of needles - Lantern Moon Ebony, Addi Turbos, Clover Bamboo, and Kollage Palm Wood Square Needles.

There was fruit, cheese & crackers (donuts and coffee for the morning) and CANDY from Ben & Bills down the street.
There were door prizes! Yarn & a Norah Gaughan book, a Mary Kay facial & Gift Certificate to Sage, Addi Turbo Needle pack, and Handeze Gloves!

My friend Celeste drove out to help with the tasting and brought the beautiful Clapotis that she knit as a sample for us:
People came!


Thank you, again! I'm just so happy that everyone came and had a good time. (my man and I planned a halloween party last year, invited about a dozen to 15 people and no one came even though they said they would... it's now an anxiety of ours to sit at a party by ourselves...)

Have fun with the mini-skeins!


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for having such a great event! My friend and I were unable to make it down on Saturday but we came on Sunday and had such a great time. In fact, for me it was a bit of a blast from the past! I guess the world gets a bit smaller all the time (Please tell Dave that Kelly's Mom says hello!) I can't wait to shop with you folks again, I've already stared to pick out projects for the yarn I purchased. The ideas!

Thanks again!