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Thursday, June 26, 2008


We get to see our sales reps seasonally. They're armed with color cards, sample swatches and skeins, and pattern book mock-ups. Not only can they tell us all about every yarn from past seasons, they have learned all about the new yarns - gauge, fiber, pattern support, color range - before it's even available to ship to stores!

We saw our Berroco rep this spring & she showed us the fall line. NEVER have I been so anxious to receive a yarn shipment! The new yarns are gorgeous and the patterns are fashion-forward without being to "weird" or anything. I have a HUGE to-do list from these books and might cast on for something even though I'm still working on my spring/summer to-do list!

Norah Gaughan Vol 3 has made a great addition to my Norah collection.... Everyone on Ravelry kept posting when they got their copy in the mail and I just couldn't wait for mine!!

From the new yarns bought Cuzco, Inca Gold & Peruvia Quick. And, of course, we still have Ultra Alpaca, Ultra Alpaca Light, Peruvia and Comfort in stock from last season!

Have fun anticipating your next project,

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