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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Inanimate Objects

It's summer! Yay!

Before I get into STREET FAIR mode (next wednesday, we're keeping our stuff out through thursday for the locals) - here are some interesting finished projects for you. I'm not quite the queen of odd knit/crochet, since I haven't knit an anatomically correct heart or crocheted a coral reef.... But here's a cake that I got done for my Mom's birthday:

This is a free pattern from Berroco
Crocheted in Ultra Alpaca - 2 hanks of white, 1 hank of green,
scraps for the flowers or 1 skein of each flower color
Yarn Cost - $ 23.97 for the 2 white + 1 green

It is held steady with cardboard and the sections lift off so you can store dishes or little things underneath! Sometimes you just can't think of what to make someone as a gift. It's hard to guess garment sizes, shapes and colors. So instead of saving time to make a whole afghan or something (something everyone uses) you could make some kind of inanimate object...

Like strawberries for a friend who is allergic to strawberries but loves them so much she eats them once and a while but then breaks out into hives.... These were really a very quick knit and fun to make!

These were knit with scraps from my mom's felting stash
Galway Worsted - red, Lamb's Pride Worsted, green
Size 7 double pointed needles
The pattern is free online from Pezdiva
Make sure you tell her how awesome it is

There are many people out there designing food, dolls, amigurumi, objects... everything you can think of. It makes for some fun projects and if your giving it as a gift the recipient will always be surprised! Of course, if weird isn't your thing, you could buy someone a little something and then knit or crochet a little drawstring bag as the gift's "wrapping".

I went to a baby shower this past weekend and presented the mom-to-be with some booties. This was my favorite pair:

Christine's Stay On Booties
Knit in Panda Cotton
Size 1 needles
Yarn Cost $6.90, you'll have yarn leftover for a hat or something

This is a free pattern from a wonderful woman who wanted everyone to have some booties that actually STAY ON wiggly feet! I loved knitting this pattern even though it was on small needles and a little fiddly. You knit the sole first and then pick up stitches and knit the rest in the round. As an added bonus, panda cotton has a bit of elastic in it and can be machine washed! I want to make these in some of the new colors of Fingering Yarn from Claudia Handpaint or the Lace Merino from Malabrigo.... Deedee turned me onto this pattern at knit/crochet group (Tuesday nights, 6-8 at Inkwell Bookstore).

Ok - there was a bug in our email system for this month's newsletter. It sent one out to most of our list but missed a few people.... if you didn't get one and want one email me and I'll forward it to you. I don't want to send it out to the whole list all over again and have most of the list get it twice.

If you need anything - let me know!

Have fun with the string,

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