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Monday, July 7, 2008

Are you Ready? (Street Fair '08)

While I love 4th of July activities I really hate watching the news on the 5th and 6th of July. However you chose to spend your 4th I hope you had a safe and happy weekend (all fingers and toes intact)!

Since we've passed the 4th that can only mean one thing - The STREET FAIR. Out of all the downtown festivities for the summer this is the BIG ONE for us here at Sage. Here's the overview:

Wednesday July 9th & Thursday July 10th
From open, til close 9am-6pm
get here early, I tell you!

We will be repeating our GRAB BAG section, where you fill our medium-sized shopping bag - everything you can fit in there is 70% off. You can fill multiple bags and there will be a large, quality selection of yarn to choose from. Other yarns will be a flat 50% off but not in the grab bag section. There is so much yarn in this section we're pushing all the gifts in the front of the store out of the way!

This section includes yarns from: Artful Yarns, Berroco, Classic Elite, GGH, Debbie Bliss, Brown Sheep, Jo Sharp, Katia, Malabrigo, Muench, Plymouth, Reynolds, Skacel.

All of the rest of the yarn in the store is 20% off.

Back when we had our super bowl sale I remarked on how much energy and time goes into these sales and how that is the reason we only have 2 a year... well this is #2. This is it for the rest of the year. This is the time to get your stash ready for your winter/holiday/gift season projects!! Since I'm only really giving you 2 days to consider what to do for your holiday knitting/crocheting let me offer you some assistance.....

  1. While your relatives and friends would be Extremely Impressed if you presented each one of them with an afghan to keep them warm this winter, consider picking a large project for only one or two people. They have to learn to understand that you can't knit/crochet using magic and make everyone a Weasley Sweater by Christmas morning. You will be a lot less StReSsEd also!
  2. Consider picking a pattern that is easy for you (maybe one you've memorized) and repeating it for several people on your list. It is still special if you pick out a color and a beautiful yarn that is custom to that person on your list.
  3. As I mentioned briefly in my last post - you might even want to make the wrapping to a small store-bought present to make it more personal. A small drawstring bag? A pretty I-cord tie? A felted flower?
  4. You could always just stash yarn that you like and figure out what to do with it later. I've been known to give a box of yarn + a pattern to a family member for Christmas and say "I just wasn't sure what size you wanted."
  5. Use our website to make out a shopping list!!
Alright. If you need some more help getting organized (you should be on Ravelry queuing up patterns!) here is a nifty spreadsheet. Punch holes in it and keep it in your pattern binder or tuck it in your project bag. Just make sure to keep it away from those you are knitting/crocheting for!!

See you Wednesday and Thursday!! Email me if you need anything!


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