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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Stash Enhancement

First of all - great big thank-you hugs to everyone who came out for the sale!! It was a tough day to get here with the fair going on and I know you had to brave the crazy drivers. There were several people who mentioned that they felt like they were stealing from us - they have some good yarn in their stash now! - but it helps so much to have a big sale like this. Not only does the yarn go to good homes but we get to fill the space where that yarn used to be (in most cases, we've already bought the new yarn to replace it...) there is so much good stuff for fall and winter knitting this year....

Secondly, why didn't you buy all this stuff? I thought for sure you would...

Because YOU didn't take it home, I took it home. And so when you go home with a ton of yarn and you think "what am I going to do with all this stuff?!" I'm SOOOOO with you on that one!!!!

Also, I'm so sorry to announce that Debby Ware's knitting workshop on Martha's Vineyard July 26th has been canceled. I included a notice about it in our June newsletter - maybe next time she's in the area we'll get to visit with her!

Have fun with all your new string!


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