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Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I know I've been a bag blogger... but guess what?!


Our website is now
though you can still get there from

The blog is linked to it so you don't have to visit 2 separate sites, you can just click through.

There are some things we'll be working on over the next few weeks, including:
  • The new newsletter system needs to be set up in order for me to use it, so for next month you'll get a fancy newsletter
  • The yarn colors are in numerical order, we have to go through and manually put them into a nice rainbow order for browsing (it's tedious!)
  • We'll be updating pretty constantly with new yarn, books, patterns and extras - I'm not going to post big product updates here anymore, so make sure you sign up for the newsletter on the homepage (I'll mention things here but not the big posts with photos like I've been doing)
  • If you've signed up for the newsletter in person but you're still not getting them it could be that I can't read your handwriting or I mistyped it... sign up on the website so I can get you on there correctly (I can type pretty fast but I know my accuracy isn't so great)
Make a mental note - if you live locally you can buy online, then pick up in store!


Be sure to let us know what you think about it! Comments, concerns, questions, suggestions are all what make us a better local yarn store! And certainly if you run into any errors or weirdness - please let us know. I have problems with layout as a Firefox user, but we think we got most of the bugs.

Now that the website is up and running I'll have more time to post those tips and tricks, tutorials and stories that I've been storing up in my brain.

Have fun with the virtual string,


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