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Monday, August 11, 2008

Olympic Motivation

The people have spoken!
Our next yarn tasting,
will take place Sept. 19 & 20

Thank you for participating! That gives me over a month to get my stuff together...

Are you watching the Olympics?

Today, I shall talk about something that I have had to work hard to maintain at times... motivation! Sometimes you just don't feel like doing anything, let alone knitting on that never-ending scarf or crocheting that 57th square for your afghan.

I mention the Olympics because it has become a knit/crochet motivation tool. When I think about it, watching the best of the best perform after a lifetime of training should motivate me every day -- if so-and-so can get up in the morning and work out for 3 hours before I even get up, surely I can wash the dishes and do the laundry!

For the 2006 winter Olympics the Yarn Harlot mentioned the idea of choosing an olympic project - something that would challenge you - that you would start and finishing within the time frame of the games. So many people challenged themselves and triumphed! It was an amazing thing! Since the Knitting Olympics is a winter event, the summer Olympics has been left open for us to create our own personal challenge. If you are on Ravelry, you might already have joined the Ravelympics, picked or put together a team and are working away on your projects.

It's not too late to pick something, ONE thing that might challenge you over the next few weeks. Set a goal for that thing and DO IT! Whether it's pulling old projects out and finishing them up, organizing your stash or making something crazy that you never thought you would make.

You could even pick something completely unrelated to yarn! I know, take a moment.... what isn't related to yarn? One of my goals is to paint my guest room (which is also my yarn room, thus related to yarn).

I know we'll be talking motivation as the holiday projects start gettin ya down... in the meantime, read yourself some Olympic stories and resolve to do something!

Have fun,

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