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Friday, February 20, 2009

Ruffled Feathers

It HAS been a while since I've posted some finished projects. Our wonderful staff here has completed a wide variety of knitted items (I know, you poor crocheters, I have plans for crocheted projects). Shall we dive right in?

This is my mom's winter project. It's amazing. She knit this just for the experience of knitting it and having a beautiful finished project:Pattern: Evening Gala Aran from Nicky Epstein's Knitting On Top of the World
Yarn: Plymouth Mulberry Merino, single ply wool/silk blend

She ordered the boa from somewhere online (ostrich feathers) and the beads came from over-the-bridge. I'll have to get those details from her, but I just wanted to show you so badly! My lame photographs don't really do it justice. She also knit an Einstein coat:Pattern: Einstein Coat (lightweight version) from The Knit Stitch by Sally Melville
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden

This is a great way to get into knitting a garment without being scared away by too much shaping or fanciness. You knit a big rectangle for the "skirt" and pick up and knit the top and sleeves. It's easy to alter to fit your yarn and your body size. I want one for myself! Of course, we've sold out of this color as a result.

How about an easy hat/scarf combo:Pattern: mom made it up, basic roll brim hat with bulky yarn and a lengthwise striped scarf
Yarns: Plymouth Heaven and two strands of Encore with a glitzy yarn carried along for the stripes

For the hands:
Pattern: Swirling Gauntlets and Drawstring Bag from Not Just Socks
Yarn: Online Supersock, one ball for two gloves + half of the drawstring bag

Pattern: Dolce Handknits pattern leaflet, "Matchgirl Gloves"
Yarn: Mirasol Hacho, one hank each glove
That is my hand, there - these fit very nicely because of the bit of shaping along the wrist.

For the Kids:

Pattern: Lacey Mae Layette from Berroco booklet 284 Family Comfort
Yarn: Comfort Baby
Anne knit this sweater/hat combination. I can't believe how cute the ruffles are - maybe I'm just attracted to ruffles lately but they really add such cute detail to baby clothes. The sweater doesn't quite fit the teddy bear because it's a wrap.

And for the little one to hold on to:

Pattern: Oat Couture Pattern Leaflet "Cuddle Toys"
Yarn: One ball of Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille

Knit by Carol, this cuddly guy uses one of my favorite cotton yarns. The chenille is soft and doesn't worm like a rayon chenille (I've used this for fancy washcloths that are oh-so-nice). The pattern has options for different animals - bunny, bear, cat & dog - by changing the shape of the ear and the embroidery on the face :-)

Well, it's time for me to get to my other work for today, I hope you enjoyed the photos! Next on the list is to add these projects to our ravelry notebook.

Have fun,


anna said...

I googled Evening gala aran and found your mom's beautiful sweater. Amazing, I just picked up this yarn, mulberry merino, to swatch for this sweater. Although I chose a different color, I do like the ecru better.
I am planning, (and hoping) I could knit this sweater for my Valentine 2010 evening wedding and have the skirt shown in Nicky's book made to match.
Was this sweater a challenge? (and I know that's a subjective question) I have knit sweaters in the past, but nothing like this one. Any advise would be truly welcomed.
Beautiful sweater-have fun wearing it!!!


J.Reilly said...

Hi Anna,
I posted a reply to you in a blog post, in case someone else needs the same information.