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Thursday, March 19, 2009

To Anna:

I'm writing this post in response to this comment, left on our last FO entry:

I googled Evening gala aran and found your mom's beautiful sweater. Amazing, I just picked up this yarn, mulberry merino, to swatch for this sweater. Although I chose a different color, I do like the ecru better.
I am planning, (and hoping) I could knit this sweater for my Valentine 2010 evening wedding and have the skirt shown in Nicky's book made to match.
Was this sweater a challenge? (and I know that's a subjective question) I have knit sweaters in the past, but nothing like this one. Any advise would be truly welcomed.
Beautiful sweater-have fun wearing it!!!

Hi Anna!
I have no way to email you so I'm going to post this here and hope you see it!
This was my mom's first charted cable knit - in that way it was a bit of a challenge for her. She needed to get used to reading the symbols on the chart and translating it in her brain. There was a bit of ripping involved :-)

The sweater itself is made in pieces with a raglan sleeve, the shape is not difficult. The finishing work - sewing the beads and boa - was time-consuming but also not way up there on difficulty level. I would recommend finding your beads and boa as soon as you decide you want to make it. Waiting for the boa to arrive in the mail made my Mom anxious and I can't imagine if it wasn't the correct color or something (sending it back, waiting for the new one, etc. could take a while).

Good luck and feel free to email me:


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