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Friday, May 15, 2009

Poppin' Goofballs

This just might be the silliest thing I've knit so far! I love it...

When our Plymouth yarn rep showed us Poppin' I instantly saw something FUN. Something that you wouldn't have to spend a fortune on, something new you could try and know you'll get goofy, fun results. Now, Mom/Deb would use this in conjuntion with some other yarn in the trim of a hat or cuffs of a sweater but I knit it alone. Just for fun! Since it's a little awkward to figure out at first, I took step-by-step photos. I finished this in two nights of light knitting (the season finales of LOST, The Office and 30 Rock, to be specific).

Materials: One ball of Plymouth Poppin' ($8.99 for 66yds, Ultra Bulky)
One pair of knitting needles-pick a large size, I chose US10s

Finished Measurements: approx 5.5" wide by 70" long, it's springy & bouncy once knit up

To knit this you are going to space your stitches out so that they happen with the yarn in between the puffs.

Cast on 8 stitches using backwards loop (single) cast on. You can try out a different cast on but backwards loop causes the least headaches :)

see how my loops happen in between the puffs?

Commence the knittin'!
insert your needle as usual (if you're continental your yarn is on the opposite side. The main point is to be using the yarn between the puffs)

Wrap the yarn around, using the yarn between the puffs:Pull the new stitch through:
and push the old stitch off as usual.

You'll have to find your own groove with the yarn. After a while I started anchoring the yarn with my left index finger as I pulled the new stitch through. I couldn't photograph it though.

In this green color it kind of looks like a puffy plant or a catipillar or something. But we also have white, pink and black. We just bought one bag of each to have a bit of fun with and I hope you'll snag a skein or two to have some fun of your own!


Lisa said...

Love it! I will def have to try this for the girls!


Martje said...

Saw the scarf in your's really FUN!! Am just about to cast on & try it!!

Anonymous said...

It works!!! Thanks to your pics & suggestions!!! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Found the shop and bought the yarn on Monday, Oct. 12th. Have finished the scarf, but can't figure out how to bind off. Help!
Jan Carpenter, New Bedford, MA

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for an explanation. I find them very usefull.Pictures are aslo helpfull.Thanks again.