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Monday, May 25, 2009

Summer projects... do I love thee - let me count the ways...
  • cottony yarns wick moisture away from my fingers, keeping me cool as I work
  • lacy fashions are IN and great for cool summer nights
  • A sock or dishcloth on-the-go keeps me busy at BBQs, family gatherings and road trips
  • the market bag I just finished will be used at the Farmers' Market that starts up on the green across the street from us
  • baseball games make the perfect project background noise!
  • tanks tops get done so much faster than cardigans
  • I get started on Christmas knitting - small projects like mittens, headbands, scarves - planning the bigger projects for later
  • bright colors are IN
  • I work on small pieces of a larger project - that afghan I want can get done one square at a time
  • linen, bamboo, cotton, hemp and other summer blends are everywhere nowadays
  • floppy brimmed hats look soooo cute on summer babies at the beach!
You can KNIT/CROCHET IN PUBLIC! since your fingers won't freeze and the weather is so beautiful, you can take your projects outside! (Remember, sand will wash right out of your projects with a good soak)

What do you love about summer knitting/crocheting?

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