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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Andra's Trunk Show

Our wonderful sales representative from Berroco yarns has presented us with an amazing opportunity. She has offered to lend us her wonderful handknit sample garments to hold a trunk show at the store! They arrived, in style, this week!!!

Our DEAL for the next two weeks, instead of picking some
"patterns of the month" is to give you
15% off the purchase of the yarn & pattern
for any one of these sweaters!

This is a long post full of great details I don't want to you to miss. I hope you'll read to the end.

Pike has been on my to-do list for some time now. This size is medium uses only 6 skeins of Peruvia, an ultra soft wool from Berroco. When I told Andra it was on my list for the store she said I could borrow hers! I've seen a few people try it on and the Peruvia is already flying out the door. This is a free pattern online, so you can preview it here.

I picked out Loope the first time I looked at the pattern book for Lustra. The great shine of the yarn combined with the rich colors, simple styling and FUN tie accessory make this a great addition to your wardrobe. I think I'll walk down the street to Bojangles and pick out a flouncy scarf for a more feminine touch :) This size 44" took only 6 skeins of Lustra.

I have to be honest, I was a little on the fence with Anhinga. I really wasn't sure how it was going to flatter my shape (I'm a wonderful Pear). It has a flutter in the center over your belly and it criss-crosses your front.... Let me tell you - I TOTALLY love it. I tried on Andra's size 42" and it instantly shot to the top of my queue.

Here is the model:
And here is me:
That's my, "hey, I really like this!" face. The lighting is tough but you can see it doesn't highlight the tummy like I thought :-D I'll probably knit a size smaller than this one (I'm a 32" chest and maybe a 40" hip) Andra made this one with 14 balls of Pure Merino but I may make mine in Ultra Alpaca.

Last but not least we have Goodall. The most cabley of the bunch, Goodall is made in Inca Gold, a worsted wool and silk blend. I made my wonderful Assemblage in this yarn and I really love it. This is the size 42" sweater and it took 14 skeins of Inca Gold.

WAIT! Why don't I throw Cormorant into the deal?

Cormorant is a sweet one-button cardigan knit in a combination of Ultra Alpaca worsted for the body and Ultra Alpaca Fine for the ruffle at the bottom. We have many matching colors between the worsted and the fine for you to pick from. The teal one I made is size 36" chest and used just 5 skeins of the worsted and one of the Fine.

COME ON IN and try on the samples! We do have to be nice to them - we can't get any strong perfume smells attached to them or have our makeup rub off on them. We have to return them in tip-top shape!

We're so grateful to have a wide range of sizes available in the store at the moment. In addition to those that Andra sent us we have 13 other sweaters and vests for you to browse through and every Berroco booklet currently produced. And here... a shot of Carol in Andra's Nimbus Cardigan (knit in Peruvia Quick) and Mom in Andra's Danielle Cowl and Graham hat (2 and 3 skeins of Sundae, respectively)

We hope you'll stop by in the next two weeks to get inspired!

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