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Monday, July 5, 2010

Our next big SALE!

Here on Main St every year we have a street fair on the first Wednesday after the 4th of July. Since the 4th was on a Sunday that means that the fair is *late* this year - on the 14th. Mark your calendar!

While I know it is a pain in the butt to drive down here in the middle of the week, even from across town, here are some reasons why you should stop by Sage Yarn for our street fair SALE!

  1. Our sale starts on Monday, which means you can choose a time, ANY time between 9am on Monday and 5pm on Wednesday to come by for the sale. You don't have to brave the Wednesday crowds if you don't want to.
  2. This is our biggest sale of the year, by far - larger discounts, more yarn on sale
  3. Exclusive yarns - we pull out sale yarns that we don't have room for on the sales floor. You'll see very NICE but discontinued yarns from many yarn companies. You'll also see discontinued colors of current yarn lines such as Encore and Ultra Alpaca.
  4. This is one of two sales a year that features $1, $2, and $3 grab bins - mixed types of yarns mostly in single balls or pairs, for sale at absolute clearance prices.
  5. On fair day we will have some of the last few nice "gifts" on sale from when we were a combined gift and yarn store. This includes some Franz porcelain and a lot of Anne C. Ross glassware.
  6. It is FUN! I know sometimes it stinks to get stuck in a crowd full of people you don't know... but here at Sage it's different. We all have a shared love of yarn and our shoppers frequently have very friendly and helpful conversations at our sales! People share ideas, tips and patterns with complete strangers. It always lifts my spirits.
Other details:
PARKING: On Monday and Tuesday you can park anywhere. There is parking available across the street at the park for those who don't want to parallel park on the street (I know I don't). There is also a very small amount of parking behind our building if you drive down Elm Arch Way. ON FAIR DAY - if you get here early you will be able to park in a parking lot near us. The fair starts at 10 but we open at 9. If you don't get here early you will find someplace to park but you will walk a few minutes to get here.
OTHER FAIR FUN: The fair typically features many booths of jewelry, pottery, quilts, baskets, flower arrangements, kids toys, stained glass, handmade soaps, and many other wonderful products. There is fair food which usually includes fried dough, lemonade, hot dogs, burgers, popcorn, etc. ALL OF THE STORES ON MAIN ST. ARE OPEN and usually offering discounts on many products.

Here is a link to our location on google maps.
Here is a link to driving directions to our store.
Here is our website if you want to browse our regular offerings.
Here is a link to email us if you have any questions whatsoever! We hope you'll stop by for some big SALE fun next week!

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