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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Huge Garment SALE!

We have a very special promotion going on over the next week - a garment SALE! We don't often put our garments on sale, since we prefer to keep them to show how the yarns knit up. Over the last few years we have accumulated boxes of garments from yarns or patterns that are now long discontinued. Now, we finally have enough to have a great big sale, and sent them up for you to browse through and try on!

Garments are marked at:
50%-75% off of the original value

This means that a sweater that cost $120 in yarn to make is now only $30!

These garments include things for adults and children - sweaters, cardigans, hats, scarves, shawls, bags/purses and even an afghan. Everything is either hand-wash or machine wash - no dry cleaning required. It's a great opportunity to buy a handmade item and stash it away for gift-giving season ;)

This sale will last from
Saturday, August 7th to Saturday August 14th.

Get there early to see the *good* stuff! (really, it's all good, but the most popular styles go first)

Free parking is available all along Main St or across the street from our store, at the park. Email or call if you have any questions! phone: 508-457-9513

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